Advisory Services

TWIC has a team of Experts & Doctorates with wide knowledge in providing advisory services for all water and waste water related projects like

  1. Diagnostic Study & Feasibility Report (DSFR)
  2. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR), and Engineering design
  3. Technical Due Diligence Audit in Urban Water / Industrial Water
  4. Lake and River Restoration Sectors.
Urban Water

TWIC has been actively involved in developing and implementing projects across water sectors and has made its presence Pan India and also International assignment. Our expertise ranges in 

  • Urban Water and Sewerage Systems, in areas of
    1. Water Supply
    2. Sewerage Projects and Water Recycling.

Our role in all these areas would be to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions through a comprehensive understanding of the problem, selection of appropriate technology solutions, design development, arranging finance, procurement of contractors, supervision of implementation and Operation & Maintenance.

We help our clients in developing projects from concepts to implementation through a model aimed at reducing life cycle costs within a sustainable delivery framework. We work closely with all the State & Union Government Water boards, PHE departments and also with major external funding agencies like World Bank, ADB, JICA, KfW in the field of water sector

TWIC has its presence already for more than 20 years of experience in the Urban water sector in the state of Tamilnadu majorly  and has been associating itself on a continuous basis with the various state / parastatal agencies /local bodies under 

  1. Directorate of Municipal Administration
  2. Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply Sewerage Board
  3. Commissionerate of Town Panchayat
  4. Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Ltd
  5. Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation
  6. Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board
  7. Public Health Engineering Departments in other states also.

TWIC has a team of experts having wide knowledge in providing advisory services for all water and waste water-related projects like 

  1. DPR preparation
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Bid process management
  4. Water auditing
  5. Performance evaluation studies
  6. Project management
  7. Capacity building. 

 As part of these activities, TWIC had been in a position to share its expertise with all the major Corporations in Tamilnadu namely, Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Tiruppur, Salem, Erode, Coimbatore, Vellore, Madurai, Tirunelveli and also has experience in working with good number of Municipalities across the state and also has worked extensively in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Maharashtra in the Areas of urban water.

The main sector segments in the Urban water projects are to provide end to end consulting solutions with focus on:

  1. End to end Water supply Scheme including Source, Treatment, Transmission, Storage, Distribution system and House service connections.
  2. (24×7) Continuous Supply with Water demand & water distribution management.
  3. District Metered Area (DMA) based water distribution designs.
  4. Water Auditing, Active leakage control& NRW Reduction strategies.
  5. End to End sewerage management systems including collection, conveyance and treatment & reuse of sewage.
  6. Underground sewerage schemes and Sewage treatment plants
  7. Tertiary treated Reverse Osmosis (TTRO) Plant Projects for wastewater reuse.

In each of the segments, TWIC has considerable experience in providing end to end solutions to projects as depicted below,

  • Project development – Technology selection & design, tendering & Bid processing
  • Project Implementation – Project management, implementation supervision


TWIC as part of its software infrastructure has always focussed on recent developments in the Water infrastructure software and uses this infrastructure modelling software in the Projects to advise it clients.

The major engineering software available & used by TWIC are,

  1. Bentley WaterGEMs – OpenFlow (Water supply Network Modelling software)
  2. Bentley SewerGEMs – OpenFlow (Sewer and Strom water network modelling software)
  3. ++ Systems – (Integrated Hydraulic modelling software) of, Germany
  4. US – EPANET
  5. Q-GIS
  7. Carto DEM 10 data ( Digital elevation model Data for GCC- Chennai limits of 15 carto DEM Grid from NRSC)

TWIC also has trained in house manpower to use this software applications and also has trained and supported the department engineers in the water network modelling areas.

Industrial Water

TWIC has been actively involved in developing and implementing projects in 

  1. Industrial effluent management, and recycling in the Sectors of Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs)
  2. Zero Liquid Discharge Systems
  3. Marine Disposal with a main focus on Water recovery
  4. By-product recovery from wastewater- salts, chemicals, nutrients, fertilizers.

TWIC has developed Unique Technologies such as Brine Reuse Technology for the following sectors.

  1. Textile Dyeing Industries 
  2. Pulp & Paper Industries with the recovery of Sodium sulphate
  3. Agrochemicals Industries with the recovery of Sodium sulphate.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is the toughest regulation that can be implemented in polluting industries, wherein, not a drop of wastewater can be discharged and complete recycling of the Wastewater is done. TWIC has been a pioneer in the implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems as a Project developer and Consultant for over 14 Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) in the Textile and Tannery sector operating in Tamil Nadu.

 Of this, 10 Textile CETPs have been developed by TWIC with the capacities ranging from 3 MLD to 11 MLD with a combined capacity of 54.4 MLD and 4 Tannery CETPs with a combined capacity of 10.2 MLD:

  1. TWIC has developed and established 9 Textile dyeing CETPs with combined capacity of 53 MLD in Tiruppur based on ZLD and have played a key role in revival of the industry in Tiruppur after prolonged closure due to the High Court Orders.
  2. TWIC has implemented similar CETP projects in the Ambur, Vanniyambadi Tannery belt (3 CETPs) in Tamilnadu and has also worked in Pallavaram-Chennai, which is another Tannery CETP.
  3. TWIC is also an Independent O&M operator for 7 CETPs for a period of 15 Years.
  • TWIC has worked with Ministries / Government Departments in Tamilnadu, Haryana, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan for implementation of CETPs.
  1. Panipat Textile Cluster – Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Diagnostic study, Preparation of feasibility report and DPR for establishment of ZLD CETP
  2. Telangana, Medak District – PMC for Preparation of feasibility report and DPR for establishment of CETP at Indrakaran Textile Park.
  3. Rajasthan, Bithuja – PMA for preparation DPR and implementation supervision for establishment of Common caustic recovery pilot plant
  4. SIPCOT, Perundurai-  Project Management Agency (PMA) for up-gradation and Operation and Maintenance agency of IETP (Textile wastewater)
  5. TWIC also worked with a large Pulp & Paper mill in South India for implementing and operating a pilot plant to study the techno-economic feasibility for implementing a ZLD system for mill effluent.
  6. TWIC has also implemented technologies such as the ‘Brine Reuse Technology’ for the Textile industry & Separation of Sodium Sulphate for Pulp and Paper & Crystallisation of Glauber’s salt etc., for further management of Reverse Osmosis Rejects.
  • All these projects contain highly complex and state of the art technologies and systems such as:
  • Total Biological Oxidation (TBO)
  • Tertiary system based on Quartz, Decolourant Resin and Softener resin filters, Salt separation resins.
  • Membrane Bio-reactors (MBR)
  • Membrane Technologies such as R.O., Nano and Ultra Filtration.
  • Mechanical Vapour Recompression type and Multiple Effect type Evaporators.


  • Project Management Agency (PMA) for implementation of ZLD based CETPs at Kayadampatti, Sree Bhavani in Erode district
  • PMA for implementation of ZLD based CETP with CRMS at Textiles Dyeing Units at Perundurai SIPCOT and Green Environmental Association in Namakkal District.
  • PMA for implementation of Textile Processing Park with ZLD based CETP at Textiles Dyeing Units at Kumarapalayam Green Kavery Dyeing Cluster and Pasumai Cauvery in the Namakkal District
  • Project Management Consultant (PMC) for implementation of ZLD based CETP at Virudhunagar, Kariyapatti village

TWIC has been engaged by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) under the Ministry of Jal Sakthi, GoI as a consultant, for establishment of 20 MLD CETP at Jajmau Tannery cluster and 5 ZLD CETPs for Mathura, Farrukhabad, Rooma, Bhadohi and Pilkhuwa textile clusters in UP state, India for addressing the pollution caused by the industries on Ganga & Yamuna Rivers. The Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for the above projects were already submitted and construction of 20 MLD tannery CETP works is under progress.

Sea Water Desalination

TWIC has a rich history of delivering suitable solutions for water, wastewater and reuse solutions. We can provide experience and services in all aspects of Membrane-based desalination technology ranging from 0.5 MLD to 150 MLD. TWIC has extensive experience in developing Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO/BWRO) plants for Open Sea Source, Back Waters and Creek. Carrying out various survey activities such as oceanographic survey, Onshore and offshore Geotechnical Investigation, Topo Graphic Survey, Preliminary EIA, Feasibility Studies, Candidate Site Evaluation, Process Design (Intake, Outfall, Pre-treatment, Membrane Filtration and Post Treatment) and Engineering, Contract and Procurement, Bid Process Management and Transaction Advisory, Project Management Consultancy (Inclusive of Engineering Documents – Review, Construction, Erection and Commissioning Supervision, Third Party verification). 

Our major achievements are as follows

Consultancy Services in Tamil Nadu, India
S.No Location Capacity
1 Ramnad 60 MLD
2 Tuticorin 2 x 60 MLD
3 Villupuram 60 MLD
4 Cuddalore 20 MLD
5 Tuticorin 5 MLD
6 Chennai 1 MLD
Consultancy Services in Gujarat, India
1 Bharuch 100 MLD
2 Bhavnagar 50 MLD
3 Dwarka 50 MLD
4 Kutch 2 x 50 MLD
5 Amreli 20 MLD
6 Porbandar 20 MLD
7 Somnath 30 MLD
Consultancy Services in Odisha, India
1 Paradip 10 MLD
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Lake & River Restoration

Water is a prime source for all the living creatures in this world for its existence. It exists in the form of Surface Water as well as Groundwater. The forms of surface water are lakes, ponds, rivers etc., which can be quantified easily; it is prone to pollution and vulnerable also. In most cases surface water gets polluted by human intervention in the way of disposing of human waste, sewage into the lakes/ponds and rivers and dumping of solid waste in water bodies. On the other hand, the growth of industries had also played a major role in polluting water bodies by the way of disposing the industrial effluents into the water body. One such common problem in metro cities of India is pollution of rivers by disposing of domestic sewage and industrial effluents into it. Hence river pollution abatement works and restoration and rejuvenation of water bodies are essentially needed to prevent deterioration of water bodies and its ecology. TWIC is actively providing consultancy services by approaching Hydrological, Environmental cum Ecological Interventions & Engineering Interventions, Selection of appropriate technology solutions viz.(i)Intercepting and collecting sewage outfalls to treat in the de-centralized treatment plants. (ii) Constructed wetlands to treat the raw sewage naturally through ecological engineering techniques, (iii) Providing Riparian Buffer zone of native vegetation for protection of the river banks on both sides and improving its ecology, (iv) Construction of Under Ground Sewage System (UGSS) and Centralized Sewage Treatment Plants etc., design development, preparation of DPR, Transaction Advisory Services and Project Management services for implementation.  TWIC experiences in this field are as follows:

  1. Feasibility study for the selected River Stretches in Vaigai, Bhavani & Cauvery Rivers
  2. Preparation of DPR for the selected River Stretches in Tamarabarani, Vashista, Sarabanga, Cooum, Gadilam, Pennaiyar, Palar, Vaippar, and Aliyar Rivers
  3. Preparation of DPR for Restoration and Rejuvenation of 60 Water Bodies in Greater Chennai Corporation Area and Mudasarlova Lake catchment in Greater Vizag Municipal Corporation.
  4. Audit of the technology and proof checking of proposals submitted by various departments towards restoration and maintenance of Ooty lake
  5. Providing Project Management Agency Services for Restoration of Zamin Pallavaram Periya Eri (Lake) and Keelkattalai Eri (Lake) in Pallavaram Municipality in Tamilnadu State.