Water Supply

Major Project casestudy in Water Supply

NRW assessment / Water supply Improvement related advisory services : 

  1. DPR preparation for 26 municipalities for water supply distribution improvement works under various RDMA regions in the State of Tamilnadu.
  2. DPR preparation for Dedicated water supply scheme for Erode city municipal corporation and Salem corporation. 
  3. Assessment of Non-Revenue of Water (NRW) and Leak Management study (Nanded & Arcot Municipality, T.Nagar Smart city area in Chennai, Thoothukudi Corporation  )
  4. Conducting Water Auditing for existing water supply systems (27 AMRUT cities in Tamilnadu)
  5. Preparation Water distribution Management Plan with District Metering Area concepts (Arcot Municipality & For Major 9 corporations in the state of Tamilnadu)
  6. Conducted training programme in areas of NRW and Water distribution modeling to Municipal and city Engineers of the major ULBs in the state of Tamilnadu during the year 2018-19. 
  7. Project Management Consultant for the Water supply improvement schemes for the Thanjavur city Municipal corporation under Smart city mission and Kumbakonam Municipality under AMRUT scheme.


End to end Water supply Scheme
Project Name : Tiruppur Water Supply & Sewerage Project
Project location within the Country : Tiruppur, Tamilnadu
Name of the Client : Government of Tamilnadu Department of Municipal Administration & Water Supply
Project period : 2000 to 2009 
Description of project  :

To design and implement water supply of total capacity of 185MLD to different categories of consumers namely Tiruppur Municipality – 41MLD, Industries in and around Tiruppur – 100MLD and Enroute Villages – 44MLD

To design and implement sewerage system of 15MLD capacity for Tiruppur Municipality and of collection system length of 123Km

Description of actual services provided : 

Total responsibility for (i) Project planning (ii) Resource mobilization (iii) Site Survey and assess requirements of consumers (iv) Detailed design and drawings (v) Bid process management (vi) Project implementation

(24x7) Continuous Supply With Water Demand & Water Distribution Management
Project Name: Preparation of Detailed designs of various project components like Intake Transmission Main, 24 x 7 Water Supply Distribution System along with Specification, Bill of Quantities and Drawings for approval to DWSD for Chhota Govindpur and Bagbera Piped Water Supply Scheme in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand State.
Project location within the Country: Chhota Govindpur & Bagbera, Jharkhand,India 
Name of the Client: IWL – IL&FS  Water
Project Period: 2015
Detailed narrative description of project:

Preparation of Detailed designs of various project components like Intake Transmission Main, 24 x 7 Water Supply Distribution System along with Specification, Bill of Quantities and Drawings for approval to DWSD for Chhota Govindpur and Bagbera piped water supply scheme in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand State.

Description of actual services provided:

M/s Tamilnadu Water Investment Company Limited was appointed as Consultant by IL&FS Water Limited for the Preparation of Detailed Designs for various project components like Intake, WTP, Transmission Main, 24×7 Water Supply Distribution System. The works include Supervision and validation of the necessary field survey works like contour survey, Topographical survey, Bathymetry survey based on DGPS survey/levels and using Advanced Total Station equipment, Geotechnical Investigation and Testing and Analysis of Water Samples, creating base map from Google Map, Door to Door Consumer/ Property Survey/ assessment to Collect Baseline population, transferring and converting all data to GIS format and creation of Web Interface for mounting the assessment data and reporting, Design & optimization of Intake structure, Optimization of Clear Water Feeder Main, Elevated Service Reservoirs, Distribution system Hydraulic Modelling & Deign with DMA based design for better control with optimization of pipe sizes, No. of valves and fittings like Orifice Plates, PRV, FCV to run proper 24×7 water supply scheme.

District Metered Area(DMA) based water distribution designs. & Water Auditing, Active leakage control& NRW Reduction strategies
Project Name:  Consultancy services for Improving the existing water supply system in the T.nagar smart city area in Chennai.                                  
Project location within the Country: T. Nagar ,Chennai City 
Name of the ClientChennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board – CMWSSB
Project Period: 2018
Description of actual services provided:

The project area T.Nagar – ABD (Area Based Development) is a smart city area that basically consists mainly of T.Nagar & Mambalam which is central neighborhood in the city of Chennai. The project area is of 7 Sq.Km & is considered to be biggest shopping centre in the state of Tamil Nadu. The number of streets covered is 425 Nos & the total length of roads and streets is about 135 Km with the population of 200,000 people. T Nagar has been selected for Area  Based Development under Govt. Of India’s Smart City mission. 

As part of this project, TWIC carried out preliminary investigations and works which include base map creation, LIDAR based topographical survey, GIS-based door to door consumer survey, Rapid assessment of NRW / Water Audit (Flow  & Pressure measurement), Pipe condition assessment through CCTV inspection, Asset identification through Ground Penetration Radar (GPR), Energy Audit, Trial pits, Geotechnical Investigation and Water and Waste Water Quality Analysis.

Based on the field work findings and data collected and analysis done by M/s.TWIC on the existing water supply infrastructures, a Detailed Project Report (DPR) was conceptualized for a smart water distribution to provide continuous water supply in the T.Nagar-ABD area that includes uninterrupted continuous water supply through establishment of DMA based network, active leakage program, water quality monitoring, SCADA & water distribution management, smart meters, smart billing system including instrumentation and automation.