Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant

Case Study:  Consultancy services for Thermal Power Plants
SI. No. Description Details
1 Project Name Preparation of the Detailed Project Report for the setting up of an Effluent Treatment Plant capacity of 5 MLD at Tuticorin Thermal Power Station.
2 Project Location Tuticorin, Tamilnadu.
3 Name of the Client Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, Tuticorin Harbour Estate, Tuticorin District, Pin Code: 628 004
4 Project Period 2020-21
5 Description of actual Services Provided 1. Collection of Composite Samples from various outlets analyzed for the relevant parameters.

2. Quantification, Characterization and calculation of pollution load generated from the various outlet points.

3. Efficiency of Technology – To assess the cost efficiency of the different technologies (in terms of capital cost, operational cost per hour/MLD and maintenance cost per year) water efficiency (in terms of wastewater reclamation and reuse) and management of sludge

4. Finalized the treatment scheme with treatment units and equipment for the effluent as per the design requirement.

5. Finalization of effluent conveyance system.

6. Preparation of Schematic Design of ETP, along with Estimated cost.

7. Preparation of Basic engineering design including drawings of the treatment plant.

8. Preparation of detailed engineering design of the units and equipment of ETP including detailed equipment specifications, designs and drawings of construction.

9. Techno-Economic Feasibility study including technical and financial sustainability analysis and implementation framework.

10. The proposed technology based on the Best Available Technology (BAT).

11. Preparation of BOQs and estimation of construction cost based on the schedule of rates as applicable in the State of Tamilnadu.

12. Preparation of detailed item-wise cost estimates of the ETPs based on the prevailing market rates.