Lake & River Restoration


Water is a prime source for all the living creatures in this world for its existence. It exists in the form of Surface Water as well as Groundwater. The forms of surface water are lakes, ponds, rivers etc., which can be quantified easily; it is prone to pollution and vulnerable also. In most cases surface water gets polluted by human intervention in the way of disposing human waste, sewage into the lakes/ponds and rivers and dumping of solid waste in water bodies. On the other hand, the growth of industries had also played a major role in polluting water bodies by the way of disposing the industrial effluents into the water body. One such common problem in metro cities of India is pollution of rivers by disposing of domestic sewage and industrial effluents into it. Hence river pollution abatement works and restoration and rejuvenation of water bodies is essentially needed to prevent deterioration of water bodies and its ecology. TWIC is actively providing consultancy services by approaching Hydrological, Environmental cum Ecological Interventions & Engineering Interventions, Selection of appropriate technology solutions viz.(i)Intercepting and collecting sewage outfalls to treat in the de-centralized treatment plants. (ii) Constructed wetlands to treat the raw sewage naturally through ecological engineering techniques, (iii) Providing Riparian Buffer zone of native vegetation for protection of the river banks on both sides and improving its ecology, (iv) Construction of Under Ground Sewage System (UGSS) and Centralized Sewage Treatment Plants etc., design development, preparation of DPR, Transaction Advisory Services and Project Management services for implementation.  TWIC experiences in this field are as follows:

  1. Feasibility study for the selected River Stretches in Vaigai, Bhavani & Cauvery Rivers
  2. Preparation of DPR for the selected River Stretches in Tamarabarani, Vashista, Sarabanga, Cooum, Gadilam, Pennaiyar, Palar, Vaippar, and Aliyar Rivers
  3. Preparation of DPR for Restoration and Rejuvenation of 60 Water Bodies in Greater Chennai Corporation Area and Mudasarlova Lake catchment in Greater Vizag Municipal Corporation.
  4. Audit of the technology and proof checking of proposals submitted by various departments towards restoration and maintenance of Ooty lake
  5. Providing Project Management Agency Services for Restoration of Zamin Pallavaram Periya Eri (Lake) and Keelkattalai Eri (Lake) in Pallavaram Municipality in Tamilnadu State.