Capacity Building & Training

TWIC has provided Capacity Building Exercise in Water Supply and Wastewater Management for about 200 Engineers of Municipalities of Tamil Nadu with a focus on Water supply including finding additional sources of water, Water Treatment, Continuous Pressurized Distribution, District Metering Areas, Lake Restoration, Drainage and Wastewater Management including Sewerage, Sewage Treatment Plant. The training programme is mainly focusing on: 

  • Hydraulic Design of Water Supply and Distribution Systems
  • Hydraulic Design of Sewerage Systems
  • Gradual switch over to continuous pressurized system from the present intermittent supply system
  • Project Cost Estimation & Project Control
  • Design of District Metering Areas
  • Reduction of UFW / Leakage
  • O&M Aspects from intake to pumping to distribution
  • Pump Maintenance and Pipe Condition monitoring
  • Takeover/ Handover protocols from contractors
  • SCADA / ICT systems
  • Water and Energy Audits, leak identification
  • New trends in Treatment technologies – for both water supply and sewage

Training provided in major concepts through interactive lectures delivered by experienced academics and practicing professionals, Practical hands-on training on hydraulic design of live projects and Training on practical aspects of continuous water distribution systems and treatment facilities, DMAs etc., site visits to world-renowned successfully implemented projects in Manila, the Philippines which is similar to India in complexity   

The Training was divided into two components: 

Component 1: Classroom and Hands-on Training at Chennai and Tiruppur.

Component 2: Visit to Manila, Philippines in coordination with M/s. Water Links, Manila for Training in Practical Aspects – classroom training and Site Visits to various installations of Manila Water and Maynilad – two successfully implemented ADB aided projects for continuous water distribution and NRW reduction.