Tiruppur Water Supply and Sewerage Project

Tirupur Water Supply and Sewerage Project

Client: Tiruppur Municipal Corporation & Government of Tamilnadu

New Tiruppur Area Development Corporation Limited (NTADCL) has been established as a special purpose vehicle for the development and implementation of the Tirupur Water Supply and Sewerage Project. NTADCL was promoted by TWIC along with the Tiruppur Exporters Association, to implement the first water sector-related project under the public-private partnership framework in the country. It is the first water supply project in India to be financed commercially on a limited recourse basis.

Project scope

Facilities have been constructed to extract, treat and supply 185 MLD (expandable to 250 MLD) from the river Cauvery. Water is being supplied to the dyeing and bleaching industries and domestic consumers in Tiruppur and Domestic consumers of Tiruppur Municipality, fifteen villages Panchayat with a total population of 8,00,000 are being supplied with water. A Sewage Treatment Plant along with the sewerage network based on Activated Sludge Process (ASP) of capacity 15 MLD (expandable to 30 MLD) has been implemented for Tiruppur Town.

The project cost of Rs 1023 Crores was financed through a mixture of commercial loans (60%), equity (30%) and sub-debt (10%)

TWIC  is  the  promoter  of  the  New  Tiruppur  Area  Development  Corporation

Limited project with associated promoter responsibility, covering

  1. BOT responsibilities under the concession agreement
  2. Arranging of finance
  3. Supervision of contractor performance

The Project is under operation since 2005 and supplying water to Tiruppur Municipalities, Industries located in the region and specified enroute villages