Industrial Effluent Treatment and Water reuse projects

Industrial Effluent Treatment and Water reuse projects

Effluent Treatment and Water reuse projects for industry are becoming important principally due to two considerations: (a) absolute scarcity of water for industrial use and (b) stricter environmental norms which are being enforced. Water recycling or zero discharge provides the industry with an important alternative source of water which today can be configured at a price which is lower than the economic cost. Many of the bulk industries such as textile and leather are now moving in a large scale towards implementation of zero discharge solutions.

Water reuse through recycling of domestics sewage for non-portable purposes (industry, non drinking water use) is also becoming an important alternative source of water. Projects in this genre would facilitate reallocation of existing water sources for drinking and agricultural water purposes.

Projects Handled by TWIC
Tirupur Textile Effluent Management Project, Tirupur

Client: Tirupur Textile Dyeing Industries

TWIC assisted nine Common Effluent Treatment Plants in development of zero discharge solution for the bleaching and dying units in Tirupur. The total effluent treatment capacity of these nine CETPs is 53,000 cum per day, forming the majority of the effluents generated in Tirupur.

The scope of work undertaken by TWIC was preparation of detailed project reports, selection of technology and project specification, design engineering, procurement of contractor, arranging finance for the project and implementation supervision. The components of the ZLD CETP are Pipeline for effluent conveyance, Pre-treatment works, Reverse Osmosis plant, Evaporator plant, and Recovered water distribution system.

TWIC has also developed an  alternate technology called “Treated Brine Reuse Technology” which substantially reduces the dependence  on evaporator.  This has been successfully demonstrated at Arulpuram CETP and  is now being implement in the remaining TWIC developed CETPs.

Implementation of Zero Liquid Effluent Treatment Project for tannery cluster

Client: Ambur Economic Development Organization Limited

Project Management services for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) based 3 Common Effluent treatment plants with capacities ranging from 1 MLD to 4 MLD (combined capacities of 7.2 MLD) in Ambur and Vaniyambadi Tannery cluster. These CETPs have Membrane Bio-Reactor as pre-treatment for RO systems and Evaporator for RO reject management.

Consultancy services for Implementation of the integrated wastewater management (ZLD) for tannery CETP

Client: Pallavaram Tanners Industrial Effluent Treatment Company Ltd

Owners Consultation Engineer for implementation of the integrated wastewater management project consists of development of appropriate solutions to meet the Zero Liquid Discharge requirements for the Common Tannery Effluent Treatment plant of capacity 3 MLD.

TWIC has evaluated design and construction engineering documents and monitored the project implementation works. This is to ensure the adequacy of treatment plant to treat maximum 3 MLD Tannery effluents.

Technical and Commercial Feasibility for Development, Financing, Implementation and Operation of Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Project for paper and Pulp effluent

Client: Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Karur

TWIC had entered in to an agreement for Preparation of Technical and Commercial Feasibility report as a precursor for Development, Financing, Implementation and Operation of Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Project for paper and Pulp effluent.  As part of the project TWIC has carried out  Design, Implementation and Operation and Maintenance of a Pilot plant.

Currently the 120 m3/d pilot plant has been successfully commissioned and trials are is under progress

Marine Outfall Facility for treated effluent at Barndix Textile Park, Vizag, AP

Client: Brandix India Apparel City

Brandix Apparel City was being developed as a SEZ for attracting textile investment near Visakhapatnam.  The project envisages a treatment and disposal system for 45 MLD of textile effluent.

While the treatment system was developed by Brandix, TWIC was mandated to assist in development of a marine disposal system consisting of 6.5 km of on-shore segment and 2.5 km of offshore segment which consists of 560mm OD, PN-6, PE100 Onshore pipeline, 6143m long with additional 3744mm for future operation and offshore part of 560mm OD, PN-8, PE100 pipeline, 250m long along with diffuser system at 20m water depth for the outfall system.

Preparation Detailed Project Report for the construction of Common Effluent Treatment Plants at Ludhiana, Punjab

Client: IL& FS Water India Limited

TWIC was mandate for a part of Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the construction of Common Effluent Treatment Plants of 112MLD and 38MLD capacity at Tajpur Road and village Bhattian respectively in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Project Management Consultant and Operation & Maintenance for up gradation Project at Vijayeswari Textiles Limited

Client: Vijayeswari Textile Limited, Perundurai

Salient Futures:

Process and equipment up gradation in the existing 200m3/day ETP components to 600m3/day to comply with Zero Liquid Discharge norms as per TNPCB.

Current Status:       Project is under Progress