Upgradation of water supply and sewerage system



Waghala Municipal Corporation is an important religious center in Maharashtra State. This project work includes Study of existing infrastructure facilities, preparation of project proposals, preparation DPR, getting approval of CPHEEO for the DPR, preparation of tender document, assisting corporation in bidding process to identify contractors, and construction supervision pertaining to water supply and sewerage components. TWIC took up this challenging project to complete the assignment in 20 months to facilitate the Municipal Corporation for meeting the infrastructure requirements of a multi million tourist population expected for a Sikh festival which occurs once in 12 years.

Salient Features

Project Populations for the Years 2023 1.12 Million
Project Populations for the Years 2038 1.84 Millon
Total Project Cost Rs. 3500 Millions

Unique Aspects / Details of the Project

Water Supply System

  • Transmission system: 36. Km Steel and Ductile Iron for diameters varying 600mm to 900mm
  • 18 No. Reinforced Concrete Cement Service storages: 1.0 MI to 2.50 MI capacity
  • Water treatment Plant 2 Nos. capacity 35.0MLD
  • Distribution System : Ductile Iron pipe lines – 287 km with diameter range 100mm to 900mm

Sewage Collection System

  • Collection system with diameters varying from 200 mm to 1400 mm sizes and length 305 km.(RCC NP4 & NP3 pipes)
  • Sewage treatment Plant 87 MLD & 30 MLD (Aerated Lagoons and Extended Aeration process respectively)
  • Sewage pumping stations – 5 Nos of largest capacity 2244 Cum hr against 37 m head
  • Sewage pumping mains with diameters varying from 350 mm to 1000mm sizes and length 10.5 Km

Beneficiaries of the Project

The local population and the multi million pilgrims

Impact of the Project

Assisted Govt. of Maharashtra in providing safe drinking water and efficient sanitation to the local as well as pilgrim population

Agencies/Institutions involved in implementation of the project

Tata Consulting Engineers
Shah Technical Consultants
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